Advisor CEU Information

Advisor’s Corner
Continuing Education Units offered at HOSA’s International Leadership Conference
HOSA will be offering Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for educators. If you are interested in receiving credit, please use the following CEU Packet Link to download a CEU information packet and get started. 
CEU certificates will be awarded by HOSA-Future Health Professionals.  Chapter advisors should check with their local school administration or State Advisor to determine if these CEUs are recognized for meeting state teaching licensure requirements.  
  • The CEUs offered are “Education” CEUs and not nursing CEUs. The CEU certificate indicates 10 hours = 1 CEU.  If your school system measures units by the hour, the certificate will show the hours.
  • Advisors must complete 10 hours of staff development to earn one (1) CEU or 20 hours to earn two (2) CEUs. 
  • A maximum of 20 hours or two (2) CEUs will be awarded per person; partial credit will not be awarded.  
You will be able to choose from the following options:
A. Conference Registration and Activities Varies 5 hours

B. Competitive Event Management Varies 5 hours

C. Advisor Sessions:

    Local and State Advisor Orientation Wednesday 1 hour
    New Advisor Coffee Talk Wednesday 1 hour
      (must be a new local chapter advisor or new State Advisor)
    HOSA University: 401 New Advisors or Friday 3 hours
    501 Advanced Chapter Advisor Friday 3 hours

D. Educational Symposiums Varies 1 - 6 hours
    (multiple workshops are offered)
    Each workshop attended will earn 1 hour with a maximum of 6 hours total. 

E. Special Sessions: 

    Business Session Friday 2 hours 
    Recognition Session Friday 2 hours

F. HOSA Expo Varies 1-3 hours
   HOSA is fortunate to have multiple exhibits as part of HOSA’s expo. To earn hours for this activity, advisors must visit 5, 10 or 15 exhibitors. 

Advisor Staff Development Objectives
Completion of specific learning objectives will result in earned contact hours. Upon completion of the stated objectives and evaluation forms, the advisor will be awarded a certificate of credit before leaving the conference.
Objectives for HOSA staff development opportunities at the 2020 ILC are:
  1. Apply rules and procedures for ILC registration.
  2. Prepare students for all aspects of conference involvement.
  3. Network with health science education teachers from other schools and states.
  4. Participate in the HOSA ILC Opening Session.
  5. Discuss products and services with professionals at the HOSA Exposition.
  6. Discuss rules and procedures for a specific competitive event. 
  7. Analyze roles and responsibilities of the competitor, judge, and event personnel.
  8. Carry out duties of the event manager or section leader for an assigned event.
  9. Evaluate a competitive event in regard to processes, results, and competitor reaction.
  10. Identify management structure and adult leaders of HOSA.
  11. Analyze conference activities and opportunities for students and advisors.
  12. Discuss roles and responsibilities of the chapter advisor at the ILC.
  13. Attend and actively participate in two educational symposium workshops.
  14. Analyze 2020 conference rules.
  15. Identify session components: Executive Council report, HOSA State of the Association, and committee reports.
  16. Discuss pros and cons of new business items.
  17. Evaluate candidate speeches.
  18. Analyze role of the Executive Council in the implementation of the Recognition Session.
  19. Evaluate HOSA services that are recognized at the international level through the Recognition Session.
  20. Identify recognition opportunities for HOSA members through Recognition Category events.
  21. Evaluate results of the HOSA Executive Council Election process.
  22. Review guidelines of the event you are selected to judge.
  23. Participate in judge orientation.
  24. Judge a selected event using the event rating sheet (rubric) or by following event guidelines.
  25. Evaluate the judge experience. 
  26. Evaluate ILC strengths and weaknesses and provide feedback to HOSA Management, thereby developing an understanding of why certain processes are in place, and provide suggestions for processes that can be improved.
  27. Develop a plan for managing a HOSA chapter as an integral part of the health science curriculum.