Competitive Events ILC 2020 - What's New!

Know the GRRs

GRR stands for “General Rules and Regulations.” All competitors at the ILC are expected to know these rules and be familiar with them as they apply to all events. These rules can be found at:

Event Guidelines

All Competitive Event guidelines can be found HERE. Competitors should prepare for competition by studying these guidelines. However, competitors are NOT required to show a copy of the guidelines at ILC. 

Competitive Event Schedule

Healthcare Issues Exam will take place on Wednesday afternoon, June 24, 2020. Makeup tests are not given in HCIE, per rule #8 in the HCIE event guidelines. 

All other Competitive Events will take place between 8:00 am on Thursday, June 25th and 6:00 pm on Friday, June 26, 2020. 

A more detailed tentative schedule will be posted HERE soon

Competition Appointment Times

Once the tentative CE schedule is posted, competitors will know the 2-4 hour time block reserved for their event. Specific appointment times for individual competitors (that fall within this time block) will then be posted HERE as ILC approaches. 

For example, competitors will know from the tentative schedule that their event is set for 10:30am – 1:30pm on Thursday; and then they will view the posted list of appointment times to see their individual assigned time is 11:14am. Competitors should report to the listed room in the program 15 minutes prior to their assigned appointment time.  

Appointment times help manage the flow of the competitive events so competitors are not waiting hours for their time with the judges.

Competitor Orientation Changes

Competitors are no longer required to attend an in-person event orientation prior to the event. Instead, “Competitor Information Sheets” have been prepared for each event sharing all important details and information about competition. These will be posted online HERE and made available through the ILC app later this spring. Competitors should plan to review these Competitor Information Sheets prior to coming to Houston. 

There will be a scheduled Question and Answer Session on Wednesday afternoon, June 24, 2020 for competitors in Interviewing Skills, Personal Care, Life Support Skills, and Speaking Skills. This recommended session is not required, but will provide these competitors a chance to ask any questions they have about their events. With the elimination of in-person Competitor Orientations, this session will give this group of students an opportunity to feel better prepared for their events. 


ALL tests at the ILC will take place in one of two large ballrooms. One ballroom will be for all National Geographic Learning Academic Testing Center events. One ballroom will be for all other traditional HOSA competitive event tests. Please be prepared to share large testing rooms with other events and be prepared to follow event personnel instructions for how to check-in appropriately. Refer to the CE Event Schedule for exact times and locations for all tests.   

Photo ID Policy

Please remember, the new photo ID policy will be effective at ILC 2020. All competitors will be required to show a photo ID prior to the start of EACH ROUND of their event. A detailed listing of acceptable forms of photo ID can be found in Appendix H. Per the General Rules and Regulations, item #32 A, ( a competitor fails to show the proper form of photo identification, they will be allowed to compete but will receive a 35 point penalty deducted in Tabulations.


Many events require materials be uploaded to Tallo. Be sure to check your event guidelines for what is required – a copy of your portfolio? A copy of your photo permission forms? A copy of your research paper? All materials must be uploaded to Tallo by May 15, 2020 to receive the applicable points on the rating sheet. ALL team members (including any substitutions since the state conferences) must upload to Tallo in order to earn points. For more information, read your event guidelines and visit

Material Submissions

All required copies of materials (portfolios, notebooks, papers, permission forms, etc.…) must be taken to the event appointment time and turned in by the competitor to event personnel prior to competing. These copies will be used by the judges. All submissions will become the property of HOSA-Future Health Professionals.  Be sure to check the guidelines for all required materials in your event. 

Middle School Events

These events will be run the same way as Secondary and Postsecondary/Collegiate events. In many cases, the same judges will be used, same section rooms, same report room, etc. Middle School competitors will only be judged against other Middle School competitors.  Any HOSA member in grades 6-8 for the 2019-2020 school year should be registered in the Middle School Division for ILC.  A listing of all events open to Middle School competitors at ILC 2020 (and guidelines) can be found here:

Event Personnel Meetings

Each state chartered association is assigned to help with staffing of competitive events.  Local Advisors should check with their State Advisor to determine where help is needed. Event Personnel Meetings are scheduled to take place immediately prior to each round. One is scheduled before round one, and one is scheduled before round two. In some cases, we understand that scheduled state event personnel are different between round one and round two, so we have provided an opportunity for event personnel to meet before each round.  Thank you to all who dedicate their time and assistance for the best possible competitor experience at this ILC!

Competition Eligibilty Policy

Representing a chartered association as one of three competitors in an event at the ILC is an extraordinary honor. This privilege is an exciting experience with opportunities to share knowledge and hard work in order to be recognized for accomplishments.  Therefore, it is the competitor’s responsibility to arrive to compete as scheduled in the ILC agenda that is in the ILC Program Book/HOSA App.

Special accommodations will NOT be made for competitors who fail to arrive to their event on time; therefore, you should remember:

-      Houston airports are 1 hour from the George R Brown Convention Center, Marriott Marquis Houston & Hilton Americas Houston (if there are no traffic problems). 

-      ILC housing is spread among numerous hotels. (When you receive your hotel assignment, check out the bus travel time from your hotel to the Convention Center and determine the appropriate travel time.  Shuttle buses will be available continuously.) 

Reminder:  make-up tests or other accommodations will NOT be given for late arrivals*; missed bus; missed route; missed time; missed location; read the agenda wrong; etc.

*Act of God exception will be a considered on a case by case basis with the competitor and State Advisor.