Competitive Events

HOSA members are encouraged to take full advantage of the HOSA Competitive Events Program, a constantly expanding and improving series of health care related competitive events.  Competitive events are designed to provide a system for recognizing the competencies developed by members through Health and Biomedical Science class instruction, related job training and activities. Individual members and teams are evaluated according to set standards of performance by professionals from the health care community appropriate to each event. Those who prepare for an event are developing the knowledge and skills to become future health professionals.


Tips for Success at the ILC Competitive


  • Study the Guidelines
    In order to be successful, you must follow the rules! Be sure to bring your copy of the guidelines to the event orientation. 
  • Be Test Ready
    Don't forget to bring two #2 pencils! Many HOSA events include a round one test and the use of Scantron forms that require #2 pencils.
  • Choose the Right Event for You
    There are over 57 competitive events, be sure to pick the right one for you!



Reasonable Accommodation Policy

HOSA members with disabilities or who do not speak English will be reasonably accommodated in national competitive events through event modification as a means of providing an equal competitive opportunity. Such members may be allowed to provide and utilize special equipment that HOSA may not be able to provide. For Spanish speaking competitors, HOSA will make every effort to find interpreters as needed. Requests for reasonable accommodation must be indicated on the HOSA International Leadership Conference registration form and submitted to National HOSA by the May 15 deadline.


Professionals who wish to spread the awareness of the health profession and leadership skills are invited to get involved in HOSA! We are actively recruiting volunteers to serve as judges for the 40th annual HOSA International Leadership Conference in Orlando, Florida, June 21-24, 2017. We need judges for our HOSA Competitive Events. The events are designed to motivate HOSA members to study, work hard, and achieve a high standard of excellence in a variety of leadership and skill disciplines. We will have 6,600+ competitors in 57 different events which means we need 275 judges to evaluate student performance.  Want more information? Review the judge responsibilities and FAQ.

HOSA Judging Preview
Please watch this 5-minute informational video about the role of judges in HOSA’s Competitive Event Program. Those interested in learning more as well as current judges will find this information relevant. Thank you for your support of HOSA - Future Health Professionals!

Get involved and register today to become a judge in our largest event of the year!  This is truly a rewarding experience and we thank you in advance for volunteering your expertise!